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Sociability with Dogs:  Good
Sociability with Cats:  Good
House Trained:  Yes
Details:  Aussie Mix - Deaf, Blind
Born:  10/02/01

News From My Foster Family:

We moved from Scottsdale, AZ to Boise, ID in the beginning of March.  Teja has been absolutely loving the cooler weather and having grass to play on!  One of her favorite things to do is to lay in the grass basking in the sun.  She also loves to go for walks and walks fearlessly ahead of me following her nose (remember she’s blind – but you would never know it!)

My Ideal Companions:  

Teja should have at least one other doggie friend that lives with her. She loves to play and snuggle with other dogs.

My Perfect Home:  

Teja's ideal home is one with humans that are patient and very loving. She makes a great companion and would love to have her humans around as often as possible. Teja would also like to have doggie siblings.

Rescue History: 

Teja was found wandering the streets of Guadalupe in the Phoenix area. She had very recently given birth and was very scared. Since she was rescued she has lived with her foster mom and dad and three doggie siblings...two Labs and another Aussie foster.

If you would like to make this wonderful baby a part of your home, please contact Lorraine for an adoption application


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